Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Good, The Not-So-Bad & The Ugly

I make fun of my lack of cooking skills often but I don’t think I’ve ever explained it. My mother was the youngest of 7 children. She was the baby and was spoiled accordingly. She never learned to cook because she had others to cook for her and I had the same experience. My aunt cooked for my family so I never had the need to cook for myself. Not to mention all the delicious restaurants in our neighborhood. Again, I never needed to know how to cook. 

Now that I have a home and I want to thrive in my new role of domestication, I want to learn how to cook. I want to cook. I want to be able to feed my family. I want to be able to provide my family with a good home-made meal from time to time. It might take a while for me to get to point where I’m doing it often and well but I am trying. Although some of my attempts have led to some hilarity, none have led to anything inedible. Thank goodness!  

My latest attempt (pictured below), is [thankfully] the only “ugly” creation I’ve concocted. This recipe was courtesy of the Food Network’s Giada. I was excited to try these seemingly simple triangular calzones…until I couldn’t find the already rolled pizza dough she uses in an episode of “Everyday Italian.” So I was left to maneuver a ball of dough all on my own. 

Did I mention we don’t own a rolling pin? Yeah, that was fun. 

Thankfully, they didn’t taste like they looked. Although the dough was much thicker than I would have liked, it still tasted pretty good and left us very full. 

The only dish I’ve made that I don’t have a photo of (and I really regret not capturing) was my Mexican Chicken Enchilada Lasagna. I made the green sauce from scratch and it came out really well. Sure, the apartment smelled like burnt tortillas for a little while but it was delicious! I must make it again soon.  

Daddy’s favorite - Sophisticated Mac & Cheese

This Chicken Pepperoni came out well but we aren't big fans of whole wheat pasta. My advice - if you're gonna do pasta, do it right. Pasta is fine in moderation. 

And finally - the ugly. Don’t worry. They tasted fine. They were thick but pretty okay calzones.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Does This Make Me Look Fat? has a new look. You like? This look comes to you by my favorite pinup artist, Gil Elvgren.

I switched from Tumblr to Blogger for several reasons but I hope you'll continue to follow me. If you're on Google - as most of you probably are - you can easily follow me and keep updated on my posts. So, stay tuned!

Hope all is well.


Friday, October 14, 2011

You’re Welcome, YouTube

I created a YouTube channel where I will post some young mommy-related vlogs, reviews, tutorials, etc. Please check it out.


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