Saturday, April 28, 2012


My PinUp Wedding: Finished Brooch Bouquet!

UPDATE: Please note that I have created a DIY Brooch Bouquet page on this website. Click on the "DIY Brooch Bouquet" tab above to see my tutorials and photos of completed bouquets made with my guide. 

Visit my SHOP to purchase everything you'll to make your very own Brooch Bouquet!

I finished my brooch bouquet and I'm so existed to show it to you all. I used about 25 or so brooches (most of them from, and three hydrangea flowers purchased at a crafts store. I also added some pearls (also purchased at a craft store) that are used for jewelry to fill in some of the gaps. I just threaded some floral wire through it then twisted the ends to create stems.

For the stems, I wrapped them in white satin then criss-crossed a sheer white ribbon (starting from the bottom up). I added pearl pins as accents which matches my entire wedding style and decor (as you may be able to tell from the brooches themselves).

I'm super happy with it. What do you think?

I had to do the bottom over because the stems were a bit too long.

I've posted the first part of my Brooch Bouquet Tutorial below to help you create your own. Enjoy and good luck!

Tools (what you'll need):

Brooches (I used about 25 brooches from
Synthetic, silk or natural filler flowers (I used three hydrangea)
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